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Discover the Beauty Within

Welcome to The Body Depot, a luxurious wellness center that offers the ultimate experience in relaxation and self-care. With a mission to provide fully customizable, noninvasive treatments that promote balance between the body, mind, and soul, we have created a haven for anyone seeking to achieve their desired body goals while also enjoying the ultimate pampering experience.

At The Body Depot, our technicians specialize in a wide range of treatments designed to help clients look and feel their very best. From infrared ozone treatments and red light body therapy to body contouring, cellulite reduction, and fat elimination, we offer the latest and most effective techniques to help clients achieve their desired body shape. We also offer an array of facial and scalp rejuvenation treatments, intimate woman's care , teeth whitening, and lash and brow enhancement, ensuring that every aspect of your appearance is catered to.

What sets The Body Depot apart from other wellness centers is our focus on creating a truly personalized experience for every client. From the moment you step through our doors, our technicians work with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can be sure that you're getting the very best care possible. Book an appointment today and experience the ultimate in relaxation and self-care at The Body Depot. 


My name is Karen Gravano

A licensed aesthetician since 1997, soared to remarkable heights in her career. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to own a thriving wellness spa in Arizona, a venture she embarked upon in 2005 and nurtured until 2010 when she decided to move on in pursuit of a new chapter. Karen returned to her hometown of New York, marking a pivotal career change.

Despite her prominent role as a star on the very popular reality show Mobwives Karen remained unwavering in her devotion to her true passion - skincare. She continued her quest for excellence through ongoing advanced education, enriching her skill set with courses in laser hair removal, body contouring, advanced chemical peeling, lip blushing, and the specialized art of stretch mark and scar rejuvenation.

After years in the limelight, Karen's enduring love for skincare drew her back to the fold. Today, she has launched  Body Depot an innovative body contouring & wellness spa in South Jersey, where she can channel her extensive experience and knowledge into what she loves most - helping others look and feel their best through the art of  skincare.

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My name is Melissa Green

One of Our founders, 

Melissa Green is a licensed cosmetologist who has been immersed in the aesthetic field since 2017. Her personal journey, marked by struggles with her own skin, ignited a profound passion for skincare. Melissa's dedication has led her down a remarkable path in the beauty industry, She's had the privilege of working alongside prominent plastic surgeons, gaining invaluable insights into the intersection of cosmetic procedures and skincare. Throughout her journey, Melissa has maintained an insatiable appetite for learning and growth.

Her quest for knowledge has seen her complete courses in various advanced skincare techniques, including dermaplaning, teeth whitening, hydra facials, laser hair removal, and body contouring and  also completed her certification with Obagi for skincare and peels. 

In her pursuit of comprehensive beauty services, Melissa has continued to expand her skill set. She achieved certification in lash extensions, lash lifting, and lash tinting, offering clients the ability to enhance their natural beauty.

With an impressive blend of passion, experience, and education, Melissa has embarked on her most ambitious venture to date. She is one of the  driving force behind "Body Depot," an innovative wellness spa dedicated to helping others achieve their skincare and body goals. This new venture is a reflection of Melissa's commitment to delivering top-tier treatments and making a positive impact on the lives of her clients.

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